Bitcoin Tips

12 Jun
Bitcoin Tips 1. What are bitcoins? Bitcoins are decentralized, purely digital virtual coins exchanged directly between two parties online with no middle man. Unlike modern fiat money, Bitcoin, which has often been called “cash for the Internet,” is not controlled...
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Bitcoin Security

1 Jun
Bitcoin Security Crypto-currency is probably here to stay, and although some countries, such as China, have banned their use, many countries — including the U.S. — appear more relaxed about their existence. Some large organizations have started accepting payment for...
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Bitcoin Balance

11 May
Bitcoin Balance There are plenty of people on Twitter offering to buy Bitcoins at a premium for exactly this reason. But this creates gigantic counterparty exposure. You can transfer your funds to an account but can’t guarantee the Bitcoins will...
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Bitcoin and Linux

7 May
Bitcoin and Linux John Wolpert, IBM’s blockchain offering director, said that Hyperledger code will become an open source industry standard, and developers will be able to build applications on top of Hyperledger. At the forthcoming Block Chain Conference on February...
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Buy Bitcoin So Easy

29 Abr
Buy Bitcoin Simply! There are a plethora of articles and videos that explain what bitcoin is for people who only have a vague idea about the cryptocurrency. However, not everyone who knows what bitcoin is understands how to safely buy...
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Bitcoin Grow in world

11 Abr
Bitcoin Grow in world Interest in Bitcoin technology goes beyond the financial sector too. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that IBM is betting on the blockchain as a technology that can do much more than support Bitcoin, such as...
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